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What is Amithings





So glad you are here.

We are caring for a very special project, the Amithings.

Amithings is a service for storing information based on 7 principles that are Organization, Structure, Standardization, Centralization, Security, Reliability, and Completeness, to promote a seamless integration between the real and the virtual world with minimal effort, at the same time encourage the acquisition of knowledge, decision-making, the democratization of information, research and development, and bring direct benefits to health, education and other areas of knowledge.


We believe that its concepts are able to cause a paradigm shift in the way we create our virtual world and interact with it.

Amithings is not “just another Internet project”, and you will soon find out why.


A brief introduction


In our attempts to virtualize the real world, we put everything we consider important on the Internet.

We do this in a disorderly manner, unstructured and decentralized.

To impose a minimum of order amid the chaos of the Internet, we need search engine, discovery engines, catalogs of information, blogs, forums, business listings, maps and geo-referencing, complex algorithms, and many resources of all kinds.

The information that is on the Web are not always secure, reliable, or complete.

We’ll give you an example: Currently, how to have a refrigerator or microwave oven with touch screen return 50 different recipes of chocolate cake from various sources, safe and reliable? It’s easy to imagine the huge investment that would be needed here.

The Internet has grown cluttered. For us humans, it is not problem to deal with this reality. We are adaptable, we’re growing, learning and even having fun with it.

But what about machines?

We cannot simply plugging them on the network, it is not safe.

Although we believe that the Internet is growing “exponentially”, it seems to be condemned to move at slow speed, forever. We say this by comparing what we do today with what we could be doing.

Find patterns or knowledge in the midst of chaos is a costly task, requires time, high investments in education and research, is reserved for few, and too often makes us incur errors.

It is more appropriate here to mention the Zurich Axioms, in particular the Major Axiom 5 (On patterns): “Chaos is not dangerous until it begins to look orderly.”.

When we bring Order to the Information, we came across a large amount of knowledge, implicit, ready for use.

Imagine a world where all sources of information are organized, structured, standardized, centralized, secure, reliable, and complete. Don’t be fooled, this is not the perfect world, but it can connect everything to everything with a minimum of effort, a scenario conducive to great unprecedented merger in history: the real world with the virtual.

Why is it so hard to find solutions to complex issues, such as the world wide economic crises? The answer to that question might be in the fact that it is very expensive to make inferences in the midst of chaos.

Some years after the popularization of the Internet, there was a time when we feel lost amid the (chaos) immense volume of information. and there was nothing smart enough to help us explore it while expanding. Thus came the era of search engines, which feed on the chaos (the absense of order, organization). As long as there is chaos, we will continue such hostages, often biased and ineffective.

Since the emergence of the Internet to the present day, there have been many technologies, hardware and software, that promised to revolutionize the Web, make it a better place, easier to use, more secure, organized and reliable. Most of them failed, succumbed to the power of chaos, to overcome any attempt to control it.

Just see the predictions for the future of the Internet, most are based on technology, but no talking in organizing the Information, which is the foundation of the Internet.

The Amithings project comes with a proposal for a better Web, more democratic, more reliable, more secure, which leads us to the future, those that we see in sci-fi movies, where everything is connected.

The article An overview of Amithings brings real examples of how Amithings aims to give a new meaning to the Information.

The 7 principles of Information in Amithings

  1. Organization – Information distributed within an area prepared to accommodate it in order to facilitate their location and identification.

  2. Structure – The rules (or metadata) that will guarantee data consistency, making them reliable.

  3. Standardization – Key feature for obtaining knowledge, representing a key role in reducing costs with technology. Imposes uniformity to different niches of information, assists in obtaining and handling of information. Combined with Centralization, it causes huge reduction in duplication and replication of Information.

  4. Centralization – A single source of indexing information will allow us to locate the Information quickly and securely. A good example of centralization would be consulting the meaning of a word in the official dictionary of the language.

  5. Security – An aspect that should be provided by Amithings to ensure the inviolability of information by unauthorized persons or machines.

  6. Reliability – An information is reliable when provided by an official source (Maintainer).

  7. Completeness – Relates to the integrality and totality of the information, a responsibility of the Maintainer.

The main goals of Amithings


  • Provide a seamless integration between the real and the virtual world with minimal effort.

  • Facilitate the acquisition of knowledge for decision-making.

  • Promote the democratization of information.

  • Provide mechanisms to facilitate research and development.

  • Bring direct benefits for education, health and other areas of knowledge.

How to help


If you believe that the Internet can become more secure, democratic and useful for our lives, we are with you.

Share it with your friends.

Join the discussions. We created some forums with pre-established concepts that will help guide the course of the project. There are subjects from various areas, and anyone can help.

We will be very grateful.


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