Amithings is a project focused on what the world knows today as IoT (Internet of Things).

The central idea came by chance, in Brazil, exactly on December 28, 2009, and it was promptly registered in a .txt file to be worked later.

In principle, Amithings was thought as a website containing lists of Information structured, organized, standardized and centered, which could be reused by web applications in order to reduce the redundancy of information on the Web.

After 6 months, by mid-2010, the project started.

The domains amithings.com, amithings.org and amilists.com were then registered.

On occasion, Amithings would be called Amilists, because of the lists of Information.

The name Amithings, which means “All My Internet Things”, was temporarily reserved to another project, a huge online operating system, customized by the user, with an unlimited Control Panel, containing hundreds of features like those found scattered by the Web, far beyond calculators, text editors and spreadsheets, represented by icons, organized in categories, and with a search field, a clear anticipation of the concept of Cloud Computing.

After a few months, it was realized that the two projects should merge, and this time, the real purpose of Amithings, to connect everything to everything with minimal effort, emerged.

There are more events and curious facts which had to be omitted here. We hope to one day make the Amithings a reality in order to tell the whole story.

The founder of Amithings is Guilherme Cruz, a software developer, owner of the company Suporte On.

Guilherme was born in Rio de Janeiro, has 41 years, he is married and has 2 children.


Much has been discussed about IoT, the focus seems to be on the elements we have greater domain: Hardware and Software.

There’s a race to see who will develop the first Open API to be adopted in IoT or, the super “smart” transistor that will become the standard.

In the vision of Amithings, IoT must primarily be grounded on standardized Information and Implicit Knowledge (omnipresent, obtained without effort), with the use of Information instead of Data and the imposition of Order in place of Chaos.

The Hardware and Software are mere executors.

The intelligence of the process, or Artificial Intelligence, responsible for decision-making, whatever the action, such as switching on/off a led, emiting a noise, opening or closing a compartment, cannot be programmed into each device, it must be previously and fully well-defined and standardized on the Internet, and being communicated through a universal language, pattern or protocol.

Just think about the organs of the human body. The brain decides, the organ performs.

Without proper standardization on each niche Information, in the identification of the devices, and in communication and decision-making processes, the IoT will be a panacea, a real mess, at the mercy of all sorts of insecurities and manipulations.

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