Orbits of Information

Orbits of Information

Have you tried to obtain very specific Information about a topic by using traditional search engines?

You are subject to the business rules of the companies that control them, such as Advertising, SEO or Popularity.

We all know how these rules change the order of relevance in search results to meet market demands.

Depending on the Information that you seek, it can be difficult to be found.

Currently, this is not search, but research.

How to locate quickly, with precision, in an organized and structured way, all Information related to a topic?

Amithings introduces the Orbits, or “Worlds”, centered on a specific category, topic or subject.

Designed by Freepik

In a two-dimensional model, designed for flat screens, Orbits are represented by circles, and they can be enlarged or reduced, as in maps.

In the three-dimensional model, Orbits are spheres inserted in a virtual space (VSpace), in which the user, through the use of special equipments, such as Virtual Reality Gear or Kinect, can enter and catch the desired Information.

Orbits can approach or move away from other Orbits.

Orbits may contain or intersect other Orbits.

The creation of Orbits will not require any human intervention.

Orbits should be formed “naturally”, based on the connections (links) and relationships (familiarity, proximity, hierarchy, etc.) among different Information.