Standardizing a niche Information

Standardizing a niche Information

In Amithings, standardization means building a model to accommodate the different niches Information in a way they can be easily handled.

The standardization should become the most important feature of Amithings in obtaining Knowledge. Its direct consequence is the economy of resources of all kinds.

Let’s take as an example from the smartphone industry.

There are many smartphone models available in the planet.

What about the thousands e-commerce sites storing the same product details, such as photos, titles and specifications?

If there was a list of all existing smartphones, properly standardized, in accordance with the seven principles of Amithings, we would have a large reduction in data storage and duplicate information, because e-commerces no longer need to store product details in their databases, but rather a reference for them.

Of course, we would require the cooperation of the mobile devices industry.

We realize that the standardization can cause a large reduction in data storage.

Other direct benefits are the uniformity and consistency of Information available among different e-commerce sites.

We know the huge effort required to standardize each niche Information. It would be like to create a social network exclusively for books, another for animals, another for movies, and so on.