The intelligent refrigerator

The intelligent refrigerator

The scenario presented here is not an exercise in futurology, it is reality in Formula 1, where cars are equipped with many sensors to indicate the wear and tear and malfunction of the main parts that comprise it.

Let’s do a simple exchange of hardware: race car to refrigerator.

The smart refrigerator can also have internal sensors on their electronic parts, and they will be connected to the manufacturing company and technical assistance for any maintenance.

No need to mention that this refrigerator is equipped with Internet connection, a large touch screen on the front door, presenting a dashboard, speakers, ability to make and receive calls, and an operating system similar to those found in mobile devices, with ability to install applications and everything a smartphone can do.

The internal space is divided into compartments (or drawers) of various sizes, each one with camera, weight sensor, odor detector, ability of identification or selection of content, and a small touch screen.

A hardware as this makes it possible to control the temperature and humidity in each compartment based on its content, control the validity of each food and even “go shopping”, creating a shopping list, sending it to the nearest suppliers and concluding the purchase, within the limits granted by the owner.

On one hand, the hardware and software must be able to receive Information and Knowledge and make decisions. On the other hand, the Information and Knowledge shall be in accordance with the seven principles of Amithings (Structure, Organization, Completeness, Standardization, Centralization, Security and Reliability), so they can be used by a machine safely.

Hardware + Software + Information + Implicit Knowledge* = Artificial Intelligence

* Implicit Knowledge, that one which is omnipresent, obtained without ANY EFFORT, ready for use in decision making, so present and essential in AI, being the most important for us.

Unsurprisingly, some of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world are already moving in this direction.

Considering the time and resources to be spent to run a project of this magnitude, make it a reality cannot depend on a single company, but an industry.

When companies get together and share their research, democratizing their Information and Knowledge, the results will come very quickly, otherwise, we will have to wait years to have a refrigerator like that in our homes.

Amithings wants to create the conditions to make possible projects like this, providing a service to organize Information and generate Knowledge, assisting in decision-making.