The seven principles of Amithings

The seven principles of Amithings

Amithings is being constructed based on these seven principles:

1. Structure – The rules and Meta Information that will give shape, size and consistency to the Information.

2. Organization – Information distributed within an area prepared to accommodate it, in order to facilitate their location and identification.

3. Completeness – Relates to the integrality and totality of the Information, a responsibility of the Maintainer which is very important for the acquisition of Knowledge.

4. Standardization – Key feature for obtaining implicit Knowledge, representing a role in reducing costs with technology. Imposes uniformity to different niches Information, removes duplicate Information, assists in obtaining and handling Information. Combined with Centralization, it causes huge reduction in duplication and replication of Information. Encouraged by Amithings, Standardization depends on the cooperation of the market/industry.

5. Centralization – A single source of indexing Information will allow us to locate it quickly and securely. A good example of Centralization would be consulting the meaning of a word in the official dictionary of the language.

6. Security – An aspect that should be provided by Amithings to ensure the inviolability of Information by unauthorized people or machines.

7. Reliability – An Information is reliable when provided by an official source (Maintainer).