What is Amithings

What is Amithings

Amithings is a service designed to promote a strong integration between the real and the virtual world with minimal effort.

Based on seven principles, which are Structure, Organization, Completeness, Standardization, Centralization, Security and Realiability, Amithings has as main objectives the democratization of Information and Knowledge, decision making and aid for research and development of new technologies.

The main concept behind Amithings comes from a structure that is present in relational databases: Tables. They give to the Information two of the seven principles, which are Structure and Organization.

By dealing directly with Information, instead of data, Amithings stands one step of the Knowledge, removing from the equation the time and resources we would normally spend on storing, selecting, combining, processing and transforming data.

Technically, Amithings can be compared to a Web Database, providing Information in several ways for humans, applications and machines.

Let’s try an example: Why this public table is not available in JSON, XML, XLS, CSV and all kind of formats and patterns?

Amithings wants to solve this problem, becoming a source of Information we can trust to do all the things we want.